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There is so much secrecy and ignorance towards the truth. If a mainstream scientist presented this people would share the truth. Antimatter: The Future is Now is a free documentary first released in 2011 that shows a sustainable path for human civilization. People share mainstream documentaries but not Antimatter: The Future is Now.

People joined the Zeitgeist movement and people actually rationalize Why Hemp was not in zeitgeist.

Corrupt people invested so only rich people can make money in legal cannabis business. Cannabis prices could be cheaper without prohibition. Please help end prohibition. Everyone has choices they can make but people choose to believe a lie that they can't do anything to change the world or themselves. A better world could exist if people invested their money in Cannabis/hemp and not toxic fossil fuels. Corruption don't want biodiesel to be cheap and abundant, people are corrupt and invest in fossil fuels knowing it causes breathing problems when biodiesel doesn't have the smog and pollution. I stopped eating meat years ago after I learned how hemp protein is superior to meat.
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Barack Obama turned his back against Renewable Energy and Cheap Living

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The cost of living could be cheaper without cannabis prohibition keeping the cost of living high, and people being paranoid about cannabis smokers and growers.
Corruption don't want people living a longer and healthier life growing and eating their own cannabis, zeitgeist did not inform people peak oil is a Fraud and people rationalize why hemp was not in zeitgeist. The years passed, Michael Ruppert committed suicide. Antimatter: The Future is Now is such an epic space documentary that media don't share it with their viewers.

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Renewable Hemp Fuel makes Hydraulic fracturing look like Mad Science
Barack Obama turned his back against Renewable Energy and Cheap Living
Billionaires Aim to Mine Asteroids while people suffer and die
Near Earth Asteroids worth Trillions
Corruption invested in fossil fuels and then invested in phony movements that ignore Hemp

Investigate yourself, don't dismiss something because it sounds too good to be true. Don't accept lower standards, life could be so much better and everyone could be enjoying life a lot more. The years just pass by, people get easily distracted by marketing schemes that appeal to peoples wish to help save the environment, and downplay how much cannabis can solve so many problems.

Corruption don't care to help end cannabis prohibition

Organic food could be cheaper and more abundant than non-organic food.

Cannabis is superior Superfood

Cannabis contains more protein and nutrients compared to meat, seeds grow in the bud. Other animals eat a vegan diet. Animals eat cannabis, not just humans denied superfood.

Superior Medicine - Suppressed Cancer Cure While Millions Die around the World

Cannabis medicine has anti-aging properties, you can live a longer, healthier life.
In 2007, the World Health Organization reported worldwide Cancer caused 7.9 Million Deaths per year
Poisonous Energy sources cause health problems for people, effecting the environment and other lifeforms. Hemp Fuel is a superior biodegradable energy source that harvests more energy compared to alternatives that can replace all poisonous forms of energy. Every month that goes by is another month that could have been increasing the amount of hemp fuel being able to make energy costs cheaper. A lot of people still use wood pellets and hemp pellets are a superior replacement that burns cleaner.

Thought cigarette smoke was bad? Cooking meat releases toxins in the smoke and meat. Cooking meat smells disgusting that releases toxic chemicals in the smoke and in the meat. Charcoal is toxic and so is cooking with it in a barbeque, cooking with toxic propane or gas is horrible as well more toxins in the food people eat. Smoke from meat does not help me breathe easier, I have asthma and smoking weed helps me breathe easier.

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